Thursday, March 31, 2011

Yesterday Rory had her 18 month checkup. Don't you worry, I have all her stats handy so you can cheer on our big girl!

She weighed 27 lbs putting her in the 83 percentile for her weight. (Please note that Max weighs 31 lbs, so there is less than a 5 lb difference between the two. No more fighting over who gets to carry Rory I guess!) She was 2' 10" putting her in the 99 percentile for her height and 19" for her head which means she was in the 96 percentile for that brain mass. Big, smart and most importantly - HEALTHY!

We didn't meet with our pediatrician this time as our pediatrician is on vacation, so we saw another woman we've seen before for various illnesses. I wish we hadn't. She was extremely rude to me about my alternate immunization schedule. Her main concern was the measles outbreak in Minneapolis and by outbreak, we are talking only 6 children at this time who are mostly from one ethnicity. So I left there a bit hurt and returned home to do some research myself along with some long conversations with Dusty and Becca, thanks!

I'm convinced that had we met with our pediatrician who helped us put together our alternate schedule, she would have expressed her concerns about the outbreak in Minneapolis and I would have had Rory get the MMR shot while we were there. Instead I left upset and feeling attacked which sucks. At least it lead me to do some research, which I hadn't done since we worked out our initial schedule back when Max was an infant (and for the record, he was completely caught up to everyone else his age by 2.5 years old) and I feel good about our decision. Now, I just have to make it through the shot this afternoon. I am really dreading it. I think we'll get some ice cream when it's all said and done. To calm the nerves of course.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Yesterday was beautiful. (If you consider 40 degrees and sunny beautiful, which I do after this winter!) So the kids and I spent the rest of our afternoon outdoors. And, I embraced the mud. I let Rory go to town in the mud puddle she found.

Ok, Ok, I may have filled in one gigantic hole with snow so they couldn't get extremely dirty, but give me some credit, I let go enough to leave Rory's face alone. 

While we were outside Daddy and Uncle Randy showed up with Uncle Cecil's truck as they needed to look at it. Dusty kept going under the truck to look at various things and apparently the kids decided they too needed to get under the truck and help.

Hopefully we'll get to go outside today after naps. It's looking to be another sunny, beautiful spring day!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Today we went to Mall of America to meet up with Kristen and her boys, Jackson and Tyler. Auntie Andrea came with so we had an extra set of hands with the four kiddos and it was a blast!

Rory was super excited to slap fives with Jimmy Neutron!

Auntie took the kids on their very first ride at Nickelodeon Studios!

And we did the mandatory cute group photos!

Left to Right: Tyler 2, Jackson 4, Max 2.5, Rory 1.5

And the Silly Picture with Mommies!

Thank you for your help Auntie!

Toddler Tuesday at the Mall was a bit crowded but once we left the rotunda we had a really fun time. Plus there were all sorts of deals with free kids meal,s and discounted ride tickets, so I would still recommend it even if we did skip the main event!

Monday, March 28, 2011

I have so many things I want to blog about, but I can't seem to string it all together in any coherent way. So we're just going with a list and some pictures today.

  • Thank you Tara for making me go out Friday evening for drinks. They were yummy!
  • Andrea, your boyfriend is very fun and I'm glad we went out with him!
  • Kids, next time you want to go outside and I tell you it's too cold? You should probably listen to me so you aren't stuck going on a long, cold walk. That'll teach you!
  • Mom, I had a great time at the wine tasting with you and I know the family was happy to have you there too!
  • Curt and Suzanne? You threw an awesome fundraiser for Battens' research and we really enjoyed ourselves!
  • My extended in-law family is amazing, and I had a great time talking with them, even if that did lead to larger glasses of wine to taste...

My new artwork, complements of Auntie Tata.

Suzanne, Curt, Lois, and Warren at the wine tasting. They did such an amazing job!

Dessert drinks after an evening of wine tasting. Also known as the reason for my headache the next morning. (Because the wine wouldn't have had anything to do with that...)

And that's the best I can do today. I think I need a nap...

Friday, March 25, 2011

Today was one of those days I needed to figure out something to do and fast because I was not in the mood to be shut up in the house with the kids. My patience was fried within 3 minutes of being awake. It was just one of those days. So we loaded up and went to Como Zoo. It wasn't crowded, the kids could walk at their own pace, and best of all they were entertained and listening very nicely.

Max got to high five a Leopard.

Rory cuddled with the seal statue at the Polar Bear exhibit.

I did the mandatory giraffe statue pictures.

And after 2 hours we headed back to the van where we had a picnic and then the kids took their naps while I drove home.

I needed an escape today, I can't wait for warmer weather where we can play outside for hours and hours!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

It's taken 3 weeks, but Rory has finally shown some adjustment signs. I'm actually pretty thankful for this fact as it's easier to address them when they decide to go through their adjustments separately. Rory has developed an attachment to me. She screams when someone else takes her and she can see me, thrusting herself away from the person and reaching towards me. (Whether I'm 5 inches away from her or 5 feet which does pose a safety issue.)

This week she's struggled quite a bit with the playroom at our gym. She no longer strolls right into the room as if she owns the joint but instead starts clinging to me and crying on me the minute we open the door to the playroom. They've debated coming to get me a couple times as Rory will cry for extended periods, but she'll usually stop for awhile before starting up again. Today I talked to her all morning about where we were going, how I was going to be gone for a little while and I'd come back for her, and she seemed to be doing better when I picked her up. She cried when I left and took a while to settle down but they rocked with her in a chair and she was content doing that.

Hopefully this stage passes soon. Dusty has been taking her when he gets home - and she even protests that - and working with having her spend time with him. I feel bad ignoring her crying and walking away, but I know she needs to be OK with not being with me all the time and she needs to know her daddy will keep her safe too.

Max has also been her hero. One day in the playroom she wouldn't let any of the adults comfort her while she was crying but she'd settle down whenever Max was near her so he played with her the whole time they told me. He's such a good brother! Well good in the aspect that he plays nicely with his sister even if it isn't something I'd condone.

The other day, while I was lost in a long email, I glanced up to see that Max decided it was time to do Rory's hair. He probably had about 5 pumps of mousse in her hair by the time I caught them!

Oh? And those cookies? Expertly smashed by a little man.

And my boy even insisted on taking a picture of his cookies. He is so my boy!

Lastly, the kids earned their dinner last night by washing the dishes. Not that Dusty and I weren't stuck cleaning up after them...

I know, cutest kids in the world, I get that all the time...

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Today is a baking day. I pushed the kids up to the table with some Play-doh while I got busy baking some bread bowls for the broccoli cheese soup I plan to make today. After that? I've got chocolate chip peanut butter cookie batter chilling in the fridge. We may be stuck inside thanks to this March blizzard, but we can at least find some fun things to do!

The kids with their Play-doh:

My bread bowls, not pretty but I'm hoping they are delicious with the soup:

My cookie dough is still in the fridge as I plan to bake them after the kids get up so no pictures of that but trust me, they will be pretty and OH so good! Here's hoping the snow melts fast so spring can finally arrive...

Monday, March 21, 2011

This Sunday I was able to get together a bunch of my girl friends from high school! It was so fun to see them all and I was happy to show my two kids off to the bunch. Of course, after a half hour, I was ready to send the kids away so I could actually get a chance to talk to the girls. So next time we get together it will be without the kids! Here we are, trying to take a good picture but someone was always moving or closing their eyes so this is the best one I have!

This weekend was also quite the experience with Max. On Friday we decided to try a new pizza place. We got there and they had toys for kids, it was small and homey, and they had taco pizza - my favorite kind! It was seriously the perfect little pizza place. During dinner Max pointed to our waitress and asked her if she had an "owie". She showed him her thick bracelet that looked like a band aid and we laughed and she turned to walk away. Max yells to her, "Bye Boobie!"

Seriously? Where did he get that? I've never once heard Dusty or I call each other "boobies" nor anyone else. We do use the word for the appropriate body part but we've never used it as a name for someone. So this weekend we've been working on words that are and are not appropriate. He still tries to call people boobies, but now it's more for the reaction since the initial reaction was so good. He also asks me all the time if he can say "darn it", "gosh" and "jeez". He knows those are good words and we don't say the other ones, but he likes to have us tell him what a good job he's doing saying the right words and as long as that works, I'll keep reassuring him.

Oh, don't worry. I have yet one more Max story to share, like I said, it's been quite the weekend.

Saturday night I was home alone with the kids and exhausted after spending a good chunk of our day at the farm. I put Max and Rory to bed and jumped into the shower. I heard Max jumping around upstairs but by the time I finished he was back in his room so I just let it be. Sunday morning Max comes to the counter in the kitchen and grabs the M&M container that is sitting on it. I told him he couldn't have any candy. Max proceeds to open it and tells me, "No Mama, I ate them last night. They all gone."

WHAT?! So that was the noise I was hearing Saturday night in the shower! Max climbing up and down from the counter to grab and eat M&Ms. Seriously! And it wasn't like I could punish him, I had to be happy he was being honest with me, right?

I've got my hands full with this boy!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Today the kids and I headed out to the farm. We found out from Uncle Randy that they were going to be giving the cows some shots and worming them for the season, which means we would be able to be up close to them.

Max got to help Uncle Jeff move a hay bale for the cows with the tractor!

You can't tell by the picture but he was so excited.

He very patiently waited next to the tractor while it warmed up. (He may have asked about 1,000 times where Jeff was because they needed to drive the tractor. But he waited for a good 20 minutes right there so I consider it patient still.)

I helped with the cow procedure so I don't have any pictures of that, but I did snap a quick picture of the cows running to the pasture next to the barn.

I pulled my car up close so the kids could stay warm and watch from in the van while I was out helping with the cows and it worked out perfectly. We love going out to the farm to help with the cows!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Haircuts are a big deal in our house. No one but Daddy is allowed to cut Max's hair according to him, and even then it's still a very stressful ordeal. Just look at that face!

Don't you like Daddy's ability to cut while also holding Max's head?

Such handsome, brave men I have.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Dusty and I have a very small Irish heritage each, so we really don't celebrate but while at the gym today they were talking about the St. Patrick's Day parade in New Richmond. It started at 4 so I called Dusty to make sure he got home in time and we loaded up the kids and left with a good 10 minute cushion.

Seriously. It's a small town and I tend to over plan and arrive way too early to things so I thought I did good. I was all proud of myself until we hit stop and go traffic about a mile out of town. Seriously, I had no idea their St. Patrick's Day parade was that big of a deal!

They have llamas, camels, and reindeer! (How that is Irish, I don't know.)

Max was a trooper waving to everyone that went past, and even was able to bring home some candy.

Rory was content eating her snack in the stroller.

She'd throw out the occasional "Neigh" when a horse went by and even did some dancing during the Irish bagpipes but was otherwise rather nonchalant about the whole thing.

Max was very into pointing out all the stuff and waving hello. Although he wasn't a fan of the Leprechaun and wouldn't stand next to him until Daddy stood with him. But in my hurry to get a picture I cut off Daddy's head! Oops!

So next year, I'll be better prepared and show up with plenty of time to park and find a good spot so we aren't in the second row, across from one of the Irish bars in town. At least the crowd was lively!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I love having Max and Rory so close in age. They play together so nicely and are becoming fast friends. One afternoon, while Rory was still sleeping, Max told me "I missing Rory Mama". How can that not melt your heart? And whenever Max is gone Rory is quick to ask "Where Mac go?" (Yes, she says Mac, x's are a bit hard for her yet.) I tell you, it is just bliss.

Except when we want to do something. Then I quickly become jealous of all the mommy's with only one kid with them. The library is becoming my least favorite place to take the kids. They have a story hour, where Rory refuses to sit still and Max is constantly having to be reminded to sit on his butt so the kids behind him can see. Then I am stuck shuffling between the two of them helping them with their craft and trying to prevent them from making too big of a mess when I'm with the other child. There is a lot of chasing in two opposite ways. In their defense, there are other kids, toys, and lots of chaos after library hour so I can't be too mad that they aren't listening, but I certainly am envious of those parents with just one small child they have to chase after and keep an eye on.

The good news is that I turned in Max's sign-up for preschool. Come September I will be a one child parent for a few glorious hours twice a week! And the heavens opened up...

Or the sunrise was pretty enough for me to take a quick picture of and share. To each their own...

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

You guys a second post was absolutely NEEDED today! My book came!

Sorry on Peed on You by Jeremy Greenberg

Remember when I was parent of the month? Jeremy Greenberg writes that blog and he sent out a mass email asking for funny pictures of kids for a new book he was working on. I was honored for him to ask me to help him with the book as he bounced some ideas off of me. You can see I'm recognized if you click the "Look Inside" option on Amazon.

But what is even more exciting is that one of my pictures was chosen! So there is a story about Max in the book. (The stories are fictional and written for humor, but he gave us the option to use our child's real name or an alias and I chose to use Max.) Look!

Seriously, I am so excited! Don't worry grandparents, I've ordered enough books for you guys! Anyone else? It's $10, go buy it now! Yay!
Max woke up sick today. I was so proud of him because he told me he was going to be sick and we got a bucket and he made it in! (I'm sorry, a bit grotesque but in order to tell this next part you need to know the details.) So after he is sick I go and dump out the bucket, get him a napkin to clean his mouth and some water to drink. Within 5 minutes he is feeling all better and gets a nice burst of energy. He runs into his room, grabs his monkey, announces that "Monkey throw up!" and proceeds to put monkey over the bucket and then goes to dump it out and wipes monkey's mouth off with a napkin. And seriously? He's been better ever since.

But I did get one good cuddle in with my sleeping, sick boy. (No, I have no idea how he slept like this.)

Rory on the other hand has been a mystery all day. She slept in until 10am. That is super late for her. When I went in her room she instantly started signing for food which I took as a good sign and sat her down to breakfast with Max. Then we all headed downstairs to watch movies all day. Rory was back asleep by noon people! (And on me, might I add.)

Rory NEVER falls asleep on people. She can't handle the distractions. She didn't nap as long as she usually does and has woken up with quite the attitude. My guess is she didn't get a long enough nap because she's acting like she does if we don't get her to bed in time. But let me tell you, this girl certainly has one crabby demeanor! Definite princess material.

**To Brooke: Rory has sucked on her bottom lip while sleeping since she was an infant. Maybe her and Eva will share this trait?

Monday, March 14, 2011

Do you see that?! Do you see that mud and the tiny little footprints throughout it? This is my yard. This is my driveway. This is disgusting!

All there outside toys are getting covered in it. We're supposed to get some beautiful warm weather this week. My first thought was "Yay!" Then a sudden feeling of doom as I realized how filthy my children were going to be this week. And it's already started!

I had JUST cleaned the floor. To top it off? Rory's boot fell off outside and instead of telling me she decided to walk around with just her sock on one foot. Seriously! It's going to be a long, muddy spring. I'm afraid I may be going a little crazy...

On a happier note. Max made his first airplane today and was so proud to show it off. He was quick to tell me "Take a picture, Mama!"

Can you tell how proud he was? He even made sure that there was a "tire" (aka steering wheel) so the man could drive it. So dang cute I tell you!

I'm going to pretend that mud isn't still sitting in my entryway. It's only going to get bigger before the end of the day so I might as well wait and clean it all tonight, right?

Friday, March 11, 2011

First of all, to those of you that contacted me to tell me how cute Rory looked in her mud covered snow pants? You have no idea how NOT cute the mud is. It is seriously taking over my entry way, my washing machine now has sand in it that I can't seem to get rid of and I have stopped counting how many times I've swept. I'm going a little crazy over here.

So today? I've banned the kids to the patio in the back. Thankfully that is still surrounded by snow and where it's melted there is only the rock border. So that means no mud, no sand, no dirty entryways and filthy washing machines. Plus? They are still cute driving around in their cars!

Yes, I think today will be a clean day. And I refuse to even start worrying about what this weekend will bring. Happy Friday everyone!