Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Isn't Auntie Rosie the greatest?!

Lyla is staying with us tonight as Katie and Andrew will be at the hospital with Nora. You can get updates on her surgery, here.

In the meantime, we'll be painting, watching Mickey, coloring on the AquaDoodle and all sorts of other fun things. You know, for tonight, because high energy toddlers require lots of activities.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Today Max and I attempted another recipe I found on pinterest. (I blame all the cookie making on the holidays, even though it is also a nice way to fill up some time while Rory nap.) This time, it didn't turn out quite as well. Rolling the balls was easy enough, and Max sure had fun.

The white melting chocolate and I are not friends. I'm pretty sure its all my fault for not buying the correct chocolate (I bought the morsels instead of bars because there were not bars at the store we stopped at.) So it was really thick and wouldn't properly coat the balls, and when I attempted to get them to coat, the balls started to fall apart. So the chocolate coating ended up being a cookie and chocolate coating.

And there was also the small issue of there not being enough chocolate since it was going on so thick.

But you know what? The cookies still taste amazing, Max had fun, and everyone got a second night of dessert.

So I'm going to go ahead and still call this a win, I'm a winner people!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Max helped me make some cookies that I found on Pinterest while Rory napped today.

They were so cute and super easy; no bake and Max can do a lot of the work? SOLD!

Aren't they adorable? Little Acorns! We'll be eating these for dessert tonight.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

The kids went to their first movie at the movie theater!

We saw The Muppets and it was really cute. There were a lot of cameos which had my mom and I laughing but some of the story line was a bit boring for the kids. Thankfully, it was still a really good experience and something fun to do on a rainy day!

Friday, November 25, 2011

We celebrated Thanksgiving at the lake with Grandma, Bopa, Auntie, Taylor and Uncle Tom this year. Dinner was delicious, if I so say so myself, although I am biased as the Sous-Chef.

After dinner, Max went outside of that window you see in the background, dropped his pants and mooned us while he peed. Not only that, but he also drew pictures while everyone sat inside the window laughing. Seriously, my boy? (Yes, I do have a picture but no, I won't post it for all the internet to see.)

Bopa and Daddy picked up a boat from GG John's house that they wanted to try out to make sure it floated. Grandma and I were really disappointed when it did, it would have been way more fun to watch the boat sink with Bopa in it!

The kids have been putting good use into the tricycle that Bopa brought to the lake. Rory took it down the big hill, spilling one time but that didn't stop her from doing it again.

*Please note Daddy giggling as his daughter is sprawled out on the ground.

Grandma and Bopa made an obstacle course for Max. Tell me these pictures aren't hilarious!

*Yes, they do let the kids ride the tricycle indoors, I know, GRANDPARENTS!

Needless to say, Thanksgiving has been fun for everyone again this year. And I'm really looking forward to having Thanksgiving dinner again tonight, yummy!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Brooke came through with the adorable bathtub photos, check them out!

And can someone please convince my skin that it can be that tan again? Where did that coloring come from?!
Yesterday I was snapping pictures of the kids faces, aiming to capture how beautiful their eyelashes are.

I should have known that my attention to eyelashes would lead to trouble.

That's my son, passed out in my bed, covered in my makeup. Specifically my mascara. Oh boy.

Monday, November 21, 2011

The kids of course, also had a fun time while at the lake with Grandma. She bought them new sticker books which they worked very diligently on.

After the first snowfall of the season we took a walk and got our faces all red before coming back in to enjoy some hot cocoa. (No marshmallows for Max of course.)

Grandma and I did a good job knocking them out before heading home. This is the first time, in a long time, that both kids slept the entire drive home and woke up when I pulled into the driveway. (If I tell you I was stopped at a stop sign when I took this picture, will you forgive me for taking it while being the driver?)

We got home and decided to get our new snow gear out so we could really play in the snow since I didn't have it with us at the lake.

I have to brag here, Max tried out the snowboard and made it all the way down without falling on his very first try!

To be fair, it was going really slow, but he still had the balance to stay up the whole way. I think the neighbors at the other end of the street heard me screaming when he reached the bottom.

Rory also attempted the snowboard, but required me to run along side her so I could help her balance. She did make large strides before loosing her balance and grabbing my hand, but there was no way I'd attempt to help her and take pictures so you'll just have to trust me until I can get someone else out here to capture it!

I also taught the kids how to make snow angels. (Left to Right: Max, Rory, Mama's)

It was such a beautiful afternoon in the sun and in the first snowfall. I hope we get to do that again real soon!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Thanks for waiting, the pictures are loaded and I'm ready to brag about the amazing family I have.

Wednesday evening the kids and I went to the airport to pick up Brooke, Dana and Eva as they were flying in from San Diego to come home for Grandpa's funeral. Max was so excited to get to go to the airport and since leaving he has been back to visit the airport many times while playing pretend! Brooke and I had to get the kids in the bathtub together of course.

She has a picture of all us kids in the tub together when we were little. If she decides to go forward with her blog post idea of posting both the past and present bath pictures, I promise to link up to it, as I know you want to see itty bitty adorable little Ashley in the tub with her sisters and cousins. (Hee hee!)

Thursday we headed up to my parent's lakehouse where Judy met us as she was bringing Brooke, Dana and her grandbaby, Eva, home with her. Thankfully, Granny Judy was willing to share her attention not only with Eva but with Max and Rory too. They wouldn't really leave her alone!

The funeral was very nice. A lot of the family was able to make it, including all of the grandchildren and great grandchildren. Max fell asleep on Grandma towards the end of the ceremony and while Auntie Andrea sang Amazing Grace, Rory attempted to sing along with her. After the funeral we had a nice lunch and were able to take quite a few pictures.

My family:

Grandpa and Grandma's children, minus Aunt Jeannie:

The Grandchildren, minus Pat Jr. who did attend the funeral but wasn't able to join us afterwards:

Later that evening, Uncle Tom took us out to a bridge that was upstream of Grandpa's fishing hole. Apparently, this fishing hole was well known as John's fishing hole and no one would dare fish it but instead would go around it. It was cute to hear that story.

Uncle Tom also brought a bottle of Brandy so we could all take a shot for Grandpa, which was his drink of choice. I had my tripod with and used the self timer on my camera for the first time. This is the first picture, prior to anyone taking a drink. (Reminder, to see a larger image, click the photo.)

Here is the fourth and last picture, after many had taken a shot. (Lots of us shared because a full shot of Brandy was too much to handle.) Needless to say, Grandpa can still out drink a lot of us!

After the shot, Uncle Tom sent the ashes over the bridge and talked about how they would end up in Lake Superior so Grandpa could fish the lake trout. They will also leave some ashes at his deer stand, because you know Grandpa isn't one to miss hunting opener. Speaking of which, that very next day was rifle opener, and my mom, the kids, and I were greeted by three deer right outside our window that morning!

It was a busy few days. We had a great time seeing family and celebrating the life that Grandpa and Grandma made but it's also great to be home. Max even said, "thanks for the house" to me when we arrived home this afternoon. I think we all were feeling the need to snuggle down in our beds and attempt to relax before Thanksgiving approaches.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

I can't seem to get my photos to load from the last couple of days, except for this one.

Yes, that is a really awesome picture.

I'd love to tell you all about the last couple days and how great it was to be with my family and celebrate the amazing life of my Grandpa. But pictures are my style, so kindly wait a little longer while I work on getting these pictures uploaded. Thanks!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I am totally and completely slacking at posting and I expect it will remain this way at least until the week is out and the funeral and family visits are behind us. Of course, then there is Thanksgiving and all the craziness that brings, but hopefully both events will lead to lots of fun family pictures.

Rory has taken to telling you she doesn't like whatever it is you were just discussing. For an example I was telling her that we were going to have pizza with her Auntie and Taylor today. Her only response? "I don't like pizza." Of course, when I told her she didn't have to eat then she suddenly starts yelling, "I like pizza!" When I told her that Brookey, Dana, and Eva would be coming and staying in her room she instantly started telling me, "I don't like Eva." When we got in the car a little while later? She was mad at me because she wanted to go to the airport to pick up Brookey, Dana and Eva. At least this is an easy stage to manage, she eventually comes around to what you wanted.

Max is still very into talking in the 3rd person. Just now? He told me, "Max has to point and talk to you." And while on a walk with Auntie and Taylor he was telling us how, "Max will hold Peanut's leash." Some people want to correct him, Daddy is one of those, always asking him to say the statement as an "I" statement. Me? I'm totally encouraging it. I'll respond back with a question like, "He is?" as if we are talking about somebody else. This may come back to bite me but right now I just think it's cute and I don't really see how it can be harmful. He is forming his sentences very nicely, he just prefers to talk about himself in the third person. It's cute, and I'm going to soak it up while I can.

Oh, and this is a craft they did at the library. We finally made it to a story hour!

Someday, when I'm back at work, I'm going to laugh at how overwhelmed I felt while being a stay at home mom. Of course, I'll insist on having a cleaning service if I go back to work. A girl has to have her priorities!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Last week I took the kids to meet Santa Clause and get our yearly photo with him.

I know I say this every year, but seriously figure out a way to visit Santa before Thanksgiving. No lines gives Santa lots of time to talk with the kids! They had a really nice time visiting with him. Also? If you can bring a friend and their kid, it makes for a much more entertaining lunch. Thanks for joining us Reb and Jane!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Heaven gained another angel. I imagine my grandma was giddy with joy when my grandpa showed up. I have to tell you, that fact that it was 11/11/11 and Veteran's Day seems most appropriate as Grandpa was one hell of a guy.

I love you so much Grandpa and I'm really going to miss you.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

You guys? I'm sorry, I just don't have much to write about right now. We've been really busy doing nothing important and to tell the truth I'm in a funk. Dido and Grammy both lost an uncle this past week and we've been told that GG John will be joining his wife (my Grandma in heaven) any day now. While all three of these men have lived long, lovely lives, it still just sort of stinks. So please excuse my little break in blogging. I'll be back soon with lots more funny stories to share.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Play-Doh and I have a love/hate relationship.

What you don't see is me in the background preparing dinner, sneaking a few pictures, and pulling all the stuck pieces of Play-Doh out of small crevices as the kids play. I love that Play-Doh keeps my kids entertained but I hate that Play-Doh accessories always end up with clogged pieces.

This post brought to you by First World Problems. Enjoy!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

We got Daddy to finally join us on an outing to the waterfalls! (No I do not want to talk about my eye wrinkles, I'm learning to accept the aging process, or at least pretending to accept it while I silently freak out and make asides on my blog.)

I was pretty excited to have him there while I got to try out my new camera with the outdoor lighting on the kids. And can I just say, a picture like this makes the camera completely and totally worth the expense!

Or maybe a picture like this? (I lowered the shutter speed so the water would cascade, how cool is that?!)

And then there is this one, which makes my heart melt into a puddle on the ground. We might have to blow this one up and find a place to frame it.

Have I told you I love my family? Because I do. And this camera? So, so, so awesome. Now, about that face lift...

Friday, November 4, 2011

This week can come to an end now. I love that the kids and I have things to do but I get overwhelmed when there is so much going on in one week. So today, after skipping a couple days, will be yet another photo dump with stories to share. Thankfully, you all seem to enjoy these.

First off, Rory had her first hair cut. I didn't have my camera with me because I wasn't intending to get her hair cut. I had planned to get Max and my hair trimmed up but then I just decided to go ahead and do hers too while we were there. She did great of course, and I don't even have a real after shot because you'd really never know unless I showed you what to look for. We pretty much just cut off the baby hairs that were getting pretty frizzy and layered up her hair a bit to help the curls pull out.

On Wednesday I let the kids sit down and eat as much Halloween candy as they wanted during lunch. It actually worked out better then I could have hoped as they spent the rest of the afternoon in a sugar comatose instead of super hyper. And I was able to get rid of a lot of candy that day too.

One of the gifts Dusty got for his birthday was a 13 quart Le Creuset pot. You guys? This thing is so huge that Max can sit in it. And we now have a complete collection. They were so pretty I had to get a picture of them!

I finally, just finally, converted Rory's crib into a toddler bed. This needed to be done weeks ago but it just hasn't been on the top of my list. The last week? Rory and Max have either crawled onto the couches and turned on the TV or crawled into bed with me where they jump and talk far too loudly for a still sleepy Mama. So it was time to stop making her hurdle over her crib every morning. And so far? She seems to like it.

And lastly, Daddy taught Max how to thumb wrestle last night. It was pretty cute, even if Max didn't quite get the whole concept. But check out that concentration and triumphant smile!

And folks? That is all I've got today, hopefully you enjoyed it!