Friday, July 31, 2009

Last night I was just into that hazy stage of not quite asleep but not fully awake and I slowly start to realize I'm feeling my heartbeat in my stomach. Naturally I start to wake up because this is odd and realize I'm not feeling my heartbeat, the baby has the hiccups! This was really weird for me because while Max got hiccups when I was carrying him, I wasn't able to feel them as well as this. The baby felt like it had the worst case of the hiccups ever. I wish I could say it was cute and amazing and all of that, but really I was just irritated because it was keeping me from that oh so cherished sleep I was almost in. But baby and I did get some sleep later and now I'm pretty excited about feeling this baby's hiccups for the first time. Especially since it was so much different than what I experienced before!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I received my double stroller yesterday and I was so excited to get home and find that Dusty had put it all together for me! Max was playing with it when I pulled up and was really interested in it. So naturally I put him in it for a picture. I've decided this is the picture that shows Max's realization that he isn't going to be the one and only soon. So I had to share.We are looking forward to bringing Lyla with us to the county fair this weekend - Max needs his partner in crime!

Monday, July 27, 2009

It was one of those weekend were a lot happened, but it still felt like a nice low-key weekend. I love those kind of weekends! Friday Max and I hung out while Dusty helped Chris with some stuff around his place that led to a mysterious migraine the next morning. (Sure alcohol wasn't involved Mr.) I spent Saturday afternoon and evening celebrating Sarah's salute to single life before becoming a wife. (The phrase on the invites, so worth repeating.) We had a great time swimming, playing games and had dinner in Stillwater. I went home after dinner and did not partake in the bar hopping afterwards, so I'm looking forward to hearing stories from everyone on that!
Sunday we all headed over to Stillwater to watch the Lumberjack Day's parade. It was both Max and Lyla's first times and they both did really well. Lyla did leave early for a nap but Max made it through the whole thing and they both were really cute watching all the people drive by.
Check out the group we had to watch the parade too, it was so much fun!
Front: Andrew, Lyla, Katie, Ashley, Rosie, Cecil, Kailey, Curt, Suzanne, Ed, Allison
Middle: Dusty, Randy, Max
Back: Jordy, Denise, Katie