Tuesday, April 2, 2013

You guys? I've decided to stop blogging.

I'm pretty sure this is a permanent thing although there is a possibility I'll get the itch to share something and may come back from time to time. (I don't want to make any strong statements without leaving myself a loophole!)

I've really enjoyed sharing my family's lives through my eyes on here. It has helped me focus on good moments over bad, it has been fun to share those embarrassing and silly stories, and it has even been nice to just admit when I've been wrong.

Which, by the way, I received the best compliment from a distant family member recently! Her husband saw Max and pointed him out saying something along the lines of, Look at him, he looks like a nice, good boy!  in comparison to their own boys. And she knew, KNEW, that he did look that way but that he at times is not always that nice, good boy. That is exactly what I've been going for, through this whole blogging experience, that my family and friends are able to see that my kids are amazing, truly something spectacular, yet they are still just regular kids that do regular, frustrating things. I mean, if there is anything I'd like to take away from this experience, I'd like to believe that I was honest. I may have chosen to focus on something fun but I certainly didn't pretend there weren't hardships also.

And with that I need to be honest. I'm struggling now and it isn't fun anymore. I don't enjoy posting photos of  just special occasions and holidays, having to narrow down all my photos to just a few favorites is seriously frustrating. My internal debates on if I should or should not post a funny, yet embarrassing story about my (now older) children leaves me drained and confused more times than I'd like. With these struggles I've also spent more time on this blog than before; forming a post when I'm up for it, deleting ones I've decided just won't go up, and trying to gather photos of events that can tell a story yet don't use up too much storage. (Another issue, I'm creeping up to my limit on my photo storage account which means I'd have to research to find another one and spend MORE time on this blog.)

So instead, I'm going to let myself be done. I'll use the time I usually used to blog to work on other hobbies I enjoy. My amateur  photography isn't going anywhere, I do really love looking through a lens and seeing what I can make! Of course, there's always more time with my husband and kids, or just some more time to myself. Nothing wrong with being a little selfish, right?

I'm sorry, I know a lot of you enjoy coming here and hearing about our adventures, and whenever a blog I follow decides to stop it leaves me with a hole that can't be filled. I don't wish that on any of you but since this is a family blog and I know most, if not all, my readers personally, I hope you won't hold it against me. It's just time to wrap this up. I'll still have funny stories and photos that I'll be happy to share, just not here, but instead in passing.

Thank you for your support and love and laughter and kindness. Thank you for loving my family. I really, truly, do appreciate it!