Friday, March 15, 2013

Auntie Katie invited Max, Rory and I to join her and the girls at the Children's Museum, and who says no to that? We started out by visiting the Dora and Diego exhibit.

Max, Lyla and Rory had fun pretending to be astronauts and helping Dora avoid asteroids.

Nora had fun helping the piggies drive the pirate ship.

We learned all about circles and how they enhance our lives at a different exhibit and the four of them actually played together, learning how to get the gears all lined up to make all the various objects move.

We were able to paint our faces, which is always a favorite at the museum!

Max had fun racing boats down the waterway, while Rory and Lyla practiced their bubble making.

For lunch we were able to meet up with Auntie Cyd which was exciting. She brought us up to visit her work which was 17 stories up where we got to look down from the windows.

When we returned to the Museum the kids had fun pretending they were in a music video.

Once the big kids were out of her way? Nora was ready to try it out for herself.

Lyla practiced her cooking skills while Max served the meals.

We did a lot more than this of course, I had the hardest time picking photos to share! The Children's Museum is set up so nicely for littler kids and I think our kids touched every single display between the four of them. Thank you Auntie Katie, cousins Lyla and Nora, and Auntie Cyd for our very exciting day; we had a great time! 

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